Can we eat boiled chicken daily?

Chicken is a rich source of protein with 9 -essential amino acids, vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and essential nutrients. It plays a vital role in satisfying the nutritional requirements of the body.

A 100-gram portion of skinless chicken breast has almost 22-gram protein and 3 grams fat for a total calorie count of 124 kcal. If you are consuming chicken daily, ensure you are not eating more than 200-300 grams per day.

Boiled chicken is an economical and healthy way of preparing low-calorie nutrient-rich food. Boiling chicken without skin can further decrease the amount of fat present in the chicken, resulting in a nicely cooked tender meat with no added fat or calories. It is advisable not to add oil or high-calorie ingredients in the water while boiling chicken.

Lunch is the best time to consume chicken since meat takes time to digest, and if consumed at night, it can put undue pressure on the digestive system, especially if you sleep immediately after consuming it. Drinking plenty of water can also account for the boost in metabolic activity due to the consumption of food high in protein. Consuming boiled chicken in lunch ensures that you feel fuller for longer and are it less likely for you to overeat or snack mindlessly throughout the rest of the day.

When cooked thoroughly and consumed in moderate portions as a part of a balanced diet, boiled chicken helps maintain overall health and wellness. Consuming boiled chicken is especially beneficial for those working out and into bodybuilding as they need more proteins to repair and maintain muscles.

Boiled chicken is one of the best ways to eat chicken, but it can get boring and bland if you plan to consume it daily. Some of the suggestions include mixing it with veggies and seasoning boiled chicken with fresh herbs and garlic. You can also shred it by removing the meat from the bones and adding it in chicken fajitas, wraps, sandwiches, noodle soups, and putting it in salads to add that extra protein goodness the possibilities are endless.

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