Paan Chicken Bullets

Paan Chicken Bullets By Anitha


  1. Marinated Minced Chicken 500 Gms
  2. All purpose flour 100 gms
  3. Breadcrumbs 2 Bread
  4. Cornflour 2 Tbsp
  5. Pepper 1 Tbsp
  6. Salt to Taste 
  7. Paan 2 Leaves
  8. Eggs 2 Nos
  9. Oil 


  1. In a bowl, mix flour, cornflour, salt and pepper and keep aside. 
  2. Beat the eggs and keep aside. 
  3. Take minced chicken and make bullet shaped chicken. 
  4. Dip the bullets in beaten eggs and coat the flour mix on both sides. 
  5. Finally coat the chicken with bread crumbs and deep fry the bullets. 
  6. Take the paan leaves and add mayonnaise and cover it with the chicken bullets. 
  7. Roast the paan bullets on a pan for 2-3 minutes and serve!