Does Chicken Soup Boost the Immune System?

As the cold –and flu season comes, you cozy down with a big bowl of broth, they are not just soothing, they may actually help reduce symptoms and prevent illness by boosting your immune system.

Several cultures swear by chicken soup to nurse the sick back to health. Aids in fighting infections. Diminishes the presence of white blood cells associated with inflammation in upper respiratory conditions that offers plague cold, encourage a more effective immune response, and helps symptoms clear up quicker.

One part is to eat warming foods to balance out the temperature in the body and eradicate the illness. Second is the taste of herbs and spices like pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, turmeric.

Nourishing your body with immune-boosting foods along with a healthy lifestyle can directly correlate to a healthy immune system. The body has the inner ability to heal itself. If you give it tools it needs with a healthy diet and proper vitamins and minerals, it has a better chance of fighting off illness. 

Bone Broth: Packed with tons of vitamins and minerals that support boosting immunity. The immune system and gut health have a very close relationship. It is easy for the body to absorb, help in healing, and sealing the gut and anti-inflammatory properties to boot.

We know granny wisdom of serving chicken soup to cold people. Does it have medicinal properties? 

It might have anti-inflammatory effects which could help ease symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections.

The scent of soup: The aroma, spices, and heat from chicken soup could help clear sinuses and improve symptoms of infection among people with respiratory problems.

Chicken soup can offer a nutrient-dense food option when someone is struggling with poor appetite. It helps increase hydration during a sickness. 

Most chicken soups contain ingredients that provide lots of vitamins and minerals. Chicken stock contains Zinc which helps fight a cold when consumed in high amounts. Help repair body tissue and contains the amino acid cysteine. 

Chicken soup contains vitamins A and C, magnesium, phosphorus, gelatin, and antioxidants, which are known to build a strong immune system and fight off viruses. Protein from chicken provides amino acids that are used to build antibodies to fight infection. 

Since its mostly liquid it helps prevent dehydration. Sodium and potassium in chicken soup can help maintains your electrolyte balance

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