Does eating chicken help build muscle?

People add chicken in their muscle building diets because of it being such a versatile and nutritious source of high-quality protein while being cost-effective. Just spending a lot of hours training muscles will not help you gain muscles, having the proper nutrition is an essential part of building muscles.

If you are actively building muscles, you have to eat more than you burn. It is advised not to consume less than 200g of chicken to get the appropriate protein to maintain and support muscle growth. Boil your food to minimize the amount of additional fat added due to cooking. Also, try to get protein from a variety of sources.

Chicken breast out of all the other cuts of chicken is most preferred for bodybuilding and muscle growth. Chicken breast has the highest amount of protein with an almost negligible amount of fats. You can get as much as 32 grams of protein from 100 grams of the chicken breast with a total calorie count of 165 calories. Meat doesn’t contain any dietary fiber, so mixing it with a healthy portion of grilled or steamed veggies will make a wholesome meal.

Chicken is rich in B-vitamins and niacin, which help in maintaining cellular health. Selenium helps make the immune system robust, regulating metabolism and helping maintain overall health, which is critical in increasing muscle mass. Consuming chicken soup helps cure a cold. Consuming chicken can also lead to weight loss if you eat fewer calories than your body need. If you increase the calories from protein, be sure to remove extra carbohydrates and snacks throughout the day.

In addition to proper nutrition, a regular training regimen is necessary to give the muscles the constant stress to make the best muscle gains, rather than just equating eating more protein to muscle mass. Make sure you drink more water as the right hydration makes it easy for your body to focus more on bodybuilding than fighting against the fatigue and headaches caused by dehydration.

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