Eggs & Chicken – Nutrition & Health Benefits

The World Health Organization evaluates protein in other foods by comparing the protein found in eggs.

An egg is a relatively low calorie-food with just 71 calories in one large egg and contains only 5 grams of fat which is 7 percent of a daily recommended intake!

Eggs contain vitamins A, D, E, and K, a high-quality protein food that helps in building muscles and allowing people to feel full for a longer period of time. Iodine and Selenium found in eggs are vital minerals that are hard to find in other foods. Eggs also contain vitamin D which helps in strengthening bones with the help of calcium.

Chicken, for starters, is inexpensive and quick to prepare. The protein found in chicken promotes muscle growth and development. Phosphorus found in chicken is an essential mineral for the central nervous system. It also supports your teeth, bones, kidney, and liver.

Chicken breast helps in controlling the body’s homocysteine amino acid levels that prevent cardiovascular disease. Chicken is also a natural antidepressant that helps in increasing the Serotonin amino acid levels in your brain, thereby enhancing your mood and relieving stress. What’s more? Chicken fights against bone loss and prevents arthritis in older people.

2 thoughts on “Eggs & Chicken – Nutrition & Health Benefits”

  1. Seriously!!!
    I am amazed to read these garbage and misleading claims. Really I wonder in India people claim anything to make profit irrespective of either they are literate or illiterate people.
    Let me explain it for you bit by bit, amount of cholesterol in a bit less than two large eggs a day was associated with an increase in a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease and death by 17 percent and 18 percent, respectively. The risks grow with every additional half egg. This is proven in a large study with nearly 30,000 participants. This study was done by Zhong et al., (2019), ‘Associations of Dietary Cholesterol or Egg Consumption With Incident Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality’.
    Another point, egg is responsible for CVD and it is severe if a person who is less healthy or do not have proper nutrition or have hypertension or diabetes type 2. In the case of India, India has highest no. of diabetic people and high numbers of hypertension demography.
    Last but not least, most critical part egg nutritional composition, which you have claimed, could be influenced by strain, age, hen diet, and environmental conditions. And in India no body regulates or do proper verification of poultry production, meaning high amount of antibacterial doses, shitty feed materials etc etc.
    So, guys it seems you are literate people, please do not spread misinformation and do not mislead business by making false and lofty claims just to make profits.
    Nageshvar Patel

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