Eight reasons why having chicken skin is actually HEALTHY

We all know the benefits of including chicken in our meals. For the sake of diet, many of us have stripped down our chicken of its tasty skin to decrease the number of calories consumed. It is important to note that when consumed in moderation as a part of a well-balanced meal plan, chicken skin doesn’t drastically increase your calorie intake and heart disease risks. The reasons to consume chicken include:

  1. Helps manage cholesterol: Chicken skin contains oleic acid like olive oil. It encourages the formation of high-density lipoprotein-HDL, which helps regulate sensitivity to glucose and has beneficial effects on cholesterol levels.
  1. Loaded with healthy fats: It contains good fats that help in body regulation, unlike bad fats, which typically clog up arteries, make you feel bloated and harm your heart health. As long as you consume it in moderation, you will not risk getting fat with overconsumption.
  1. Contains beneficial saturated fats: Saturated fat is in controlled amounts to help regulate hormone production, strengthen the immune system and maintain bone density.
  1. Help reduce overeating: People tend to reward themselves for sticking to a bland unenjoyable chicken diet or balance the taste of skinless chicken by eating extra snacks, which are mostly loaded empty calories. With skin, chicken tastes fantastic and helps you hold off eating until the next meal.
  1. Minimal Difference: The price you pay for an immense increase in satisfaction and flavor of chicken by removing the skin is just 50 calories for a 100-gram portion.
  1. It is an excellent way to escape the trap of low-fat diet: Low fatty foods involve lots of carbohydrates, which makes you feel less satiated and increase the frequency of eating, leading to weight gain.
  1. It is a treat to eat: cooking Chicken with skin on makes it tender, delicious, and juicy. Chicken skin is one of the most coveted parts of the dish.

Less misguided choices: You won’t think it is healthy to eat fried chicken just because you removed chicken skin won’t miraculously make fried chicken healthy avoiding adding empty calories is important

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