How much is Chicken per day healthy?

An average person is recommended to 800 grams of poultry per week, which comes out as 155 grams of Chicken per day. One hundred grams of roasted skinless chicken breast contains 30 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, and 95 milligrams of cholesterol.

A single serving of Chicken is 80 grams approximately and is an excellent supply of lean proteins and essential vitamins and minerals to the diet. Selenium, the antioxidant, helps protect the body against the free radicals that damage the healthy cells, and phosphorus helps build healthy bones. Niacin and choline contribute to brain and nerve functions like memory and muscle control.

The way food is prepared has a considerable effect on the nutritional composition and serving size. Healthy preparation methods include baking, broiling, grilling, and poaching. If you fry the chicken or use sauces, it can forfeit the health benefits of Chicken by raising the salt, fat, and sugar content. It is advised not to consume chicken burgers or fried chicken fast foods regularly for fulfilling protein requirements, as they are most probably high in saturated low-quality fat.

A single serving of whole chicken consists of 22-25 grams of protein and 12-13 grams of fat. The dietary requirement of fat is 15 grams. It is healthy to eat one serving whole chicken in a day. Chicken breast comparatively less amount of fats; hence we can have a serving twice in a day. Try different protein sources for variety.

Dinners can consist of a nice meal of Chicken prepared healthily, served along with salad and whole grains by the side. You can add variety to your grilled and baked Chicken by using fresh herbs and citrus juice to boost the flavor. Ensure that you don’t eat unhealthy portions and have Chicken as a part of a balanced diet, and you will have a healthy life.

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