How to Foster Healthy Weight Loss With an Egg Rich Diet!

A lot of people decide to kick start their weight loss journey with a calorie deficit diet and following a workout regime regularly. The things that are problematic with this is, people rarely realize that everyone has a different body, a different rate of metabolism, and a different level of endurance. What might work for person A, may not work for person B. This is why it is vital to align your weight loss regime to what works for you best, so as to achieve effective results!

Not too long ago, intermittent fasting and skipping meals were in-trend! People believe that eating less can help you lose weight, but in reality it can make you gain weight. A sudden reduction in calorie intake or meals can lead your body to think that it needs to store fat to sustain your body’s requirements, which is why, starvation or having irregular meals is the unhealthiest way to lose weight. Because while you might lose a few inches, you will also become nutrient deficit, lose stamina which might also lead you to eventually become weak.

A full proof way to lose weight in the healthiest way is to have regular small sized meals through the day to avoid binging on unhealthy food items! while also exercising at least 3 times a week. A lot of people follow a diet rich in eggs, eggs are a great way to lose weight and gain strength. The amazing part about consuming egg whites is that they have a very low calorie content and maintain a high amount of protein. This benefits people trying to lose weight massively by making you feel fuller and allows you to avoid an excess of calorie intake. The best thing to do is have boiled eggs/ poached eggs in the morning to keep you going through the day, followed by a light egg sandwich in the evening so that you don’t end up overeating for dinner!

Since a few individuals are not used to eating a heavy breakfast, you can just pop an egg on the pan with some cheese, which by the way in small amounts is very much healthy to consume. It would be surprising to know, but, one morning ritual that can change your life is having a spoonful of pure ghee first thing in the morning, improving your blood circulation. This implies that the body benefits from healthy fats as well!

Which is why it is imperative to include protein rich food in your diet like chicken and eggs to foster healthy weight loss!

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