Is Chicken Liver Good For Your Health?

Chicken livers have been one of the most questionable foods over the few decades. Some have complained about the high cholesterol content, while others have sung praises of their impressive nutrients portfolio in chicken liver. 

How do you determine if chicken livers are suitable for your health? In recent times, this organ meat from the chicken has proven to be rich in beneficial nutrients and is essentially low-priced. Chicken livers give more nutrition than the popular chicken breast! 

There have been concerns that chicken livers are laden with dietary cholesterol, making them inadequate for heart health. However, recent studies have shown that the mixture of saturated and trans fat is to blame for the growing harmful cholesterol levels in the body and not the cholesterol present in food. 

Chicken livers are NOT red meat. They are just organ meats that we get from chickens. The livers are actually loaded with many nutrients like folate, iron, and biotin that offer many roles in keeping the body healthy. 

The folate keeps fertility problems at bay and can also safeguard the baby from congenital injuries when consumed by pregnant women. They also contain choline, many nutrients people are not having enough of, but it is excellent for brain health. Chicken livers are a great source of protein that keeps our muscles and bones strong and helps treat our injuries.

Chicken livers hold all the amino acids that the body needs to generate protein and are loaded with vitamin C, a rarity in meats. Brimming with vitamin A, they are exceptional for maintaining the well-being of your eyes. 

The iron content fills the body with energy and vitamins like B12, making chicken livers an outstanding option for people who are anaemic. The best part? Chicken livers significantly contain a lesser number of calories when compared to other nutrient-packed meats.

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