Role of chicken in Human Nutrition

If you eat meat, you know that it is the cheapest of all livestock meat, and provide high-quality protein by essential vitamins and minerals.

The majority of the population in the world depend on cereal of some kind as their staple food. E.g., In India, the primary staple food is rice or wheat, which contains small quantities of low-quality protein. Other cereals are generally deficient in critical nutrients. Most lack essential amino acids like Lysine, tryptophan, and other sulfur-containing amino acids, and chicken meat is rich in these essential amino acids. 

They are the best quality protein source and are needed by many people in poverty; they are relatively inexpensive and widely available. One hundred grams of cooked chicken usually contain 27 grams of protein and are just 239 calories. 

Here are some of the benefits of chicken consumption:

  1. Maintenance of Bodyweight: As an excellent source of high-quality protein, it helps maintain your body weight by helping you stay full and avoid binge eating. As long as you cook it healthily. It gives you the necessary energy for optimal function.
  1. Strong bones and healthy teeth: It helps decrease bone loss, which can be a concern for older women and individuals above 50. The phosphorus helps maintain healthy bones and teeth and ensures the kidney, liver, and brain’s proper functioning.
  1. Helps maintain hormonal balance: The selenium in chicken helps your body regulate important hormones life thyroid, and the antioxidants help strengthen your immune system. 
  1. Protection from diseases: Niacin – a type of Vitamin B helps guard your body against cancer and other diseases. Chicken also contains zinc and iron which is an excellent source for Vitamins B6, B12, and D.

In summary, Adequate consumption of chicken meat helps control body weight (protein content) and helps mitigate the risk of lifestyle diseases. It helps decrease the development of metabolic disease associated with deficiencies of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids by eating poultry rich in essential nutrients except for Vitamin C.Chicken meat plays a significant role in providing nutrition for pregnant women, children, and the elderly population. Eating meat in a balanced diet and other protein-based food and carbohydrates and fats can help you enjoy a healthy life.

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