The protein of choice for pregnant women!

Pregnancy during the time of an ongoing pandemic can be quite a daunting experience. With a deadly virus outbreak, it becomes more important to prioritise your health and ensure that you are taking all the required precautions to avoid community transmission. So what’s the best way for pregnant women to protect themselves and their child ? Apart from following all the quarantine rules and hygiene measures, adhering to a well balanced diet that builds immunity can be quite beneficial for the mother, as well as the child. Egg is the recommended protein of choice for pregnant women because it provides an array of nutrients, vital for fetal development as well!

Egg is protein rich and supplies babies with the amino acids that they require to develop healthily. The nutrient Choline that eggs contain also helps with the child’s brain development and in addition to this, the high protein content from eggs help assist in cell development and augment healthy growth for the child. Eating too much oily food or eating in deficit can both be harmful to the mother and child, alike. It is vital to maintain the calorie intake required for healthy birth, each egg contains about 70 calories and helps fulfil a part of the daily calorie requirement necessary for the baby and the mother to have good growth. However, women who have pre existing cholesterol issues must avoid the yolk and only consume the egg whites.

A lesser known fact about eggs is that it also helps stabilize blood sugar, their low carb nature and low glycemic index helps diabetic patients. A pregnant woman should get 40 to 70 grams of protein, and one egg contains 7 gram. Eating 2 hard boiled eggs a day is an easy way to up your protein intake without adding fat to your diet. To feel more energized throughout the pregnancy, increasing the intake of iron can be significantly beneficial since the body uses iron to make extra blood for the mother and the baby. It also helps move oxygen from your lungs to the rest of the mothers body and to the baby’s.

Enjoy a healthy pregnancy with the power packed superfood-Egg!

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