Why Egg is prescribed to Covid patients!

One of the perks of being hit by a deadly virus is that everyone is giving increasing importance to the vitality of health, hygiene, safety and precautionary habits to avoid falling sick. This means that people are more aware and are more likely to do something about it, which is why most doctors and nutrition experts advise covid positive patients to maintain a healthy diet, inclusive of protein rich ingredients to help improve immunity! And Egg happens to be a part of a well balanced and healthy diet plan.

There is a strong reason why Egg is more commonly suggested to people of all age groups, unless one is allergic to it. Eggs have myriads of benefits to the body, like,

  • Strong nails
  • Healthier bones
  • Better eyesight
  • Good source of vitamin D
  • Best source of protein
  • Helps kick start weight loss
  • Helps get rid of cold/flu faster

Egg has the potential to provide your body with important nutrients that can help you feel better physically and mentally. Most covid positive patients would be weak and lacking in sufficient nutrients because of low immunity, eating eggs will help boost recovery from cold and influenza. That is why many quarantine facilities around the world offer eggs along with the daily meal to covid patients and healthcare workers in order to boost immunity.

While many myths surround how eggs can be bad for cholesterol, it is known to be a preferable antidote for your immune system since it is packed with nutrients, amino acids and other antioxidants that help heal your body internally. 85 calories of egg contains 7g of muscle building protein, 22%of selenium(fosters heart health), vitamins A, B, K and riboflavin, all of which help in the process of fighting diseases, core development and growth. Eggs are also loaded with zinc, which helps provide nourishing energy to the body by converting food into fuel to get you through the day. Along with personal hygiene and safety, eating foods that give you better immunity is a must in order to survive such a pandemic. So, keep up your immunity by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet with the inclusion of at least 2 eggs a day!

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