Why Eggs Are A Killer Weight Loss Food

One egg contains 13 essential vitamins and minerals, including riboflavin, iron, B-vitamins, and all eight essential amino acids which lack typical eggless diets. Most healthy people can safely consume up to three whole eggs.

Other reasons to include Eggs in a weight loss regime comprises:

  • Contains Choline: One egg yolk contains almost 25% of the daily choline requirement. Choline has a role in virtually all the vital body functions, including metabolism, nerve function, brain development in children, cognition in adults. It helps in a more elevated feeling of happiness, thus makes you less prone to anxiety and mental health-related issues. Ensuring there are fewer incidences of mindless eating and weight gain, which is heavily linked to brain health and boredom.
  • Rich in Fat blasting Vitamin D: A healthy level of vitamin D in diets helps reduce fat storage. Vitamin D along with calcium plays a significant role in bone health and immunity.
  • Good source of high-quality proteins: Protein helps in keeping the energy levels high, boost metabolism, and highly filling food sources, which aids in weight control.
  • Helps regulate thyroid function: Thyroid helps regulate the body’s metabolism and plays a vital role in weight management. Iodine and selenium present in eggs are crucial and thyroid synthesis. 
  • Low calories snack option: Contains just 74 calories per egg. Egg’s unique fat and protein combination help stay full in between meals preventing the feeling of deprivation and cuts down mindless snacking.
  • Filled with Antioxidant carotenoids: Lutein and zeaxanthin help protect human cells by saving them from damage caused by harmful free radicals present in the body. Reducing the risks of heart-related diseases and the incidence of cancers. Helping the body recover faster.
  • Keeps blood sugar levels stable: Being a no-carb food helps keep glucose levels in the blood normal. Making you less hungry and low-calorie consumption later in the day.

Eggs are most beneficial when eaten at breakfast compared to a meal with a similar amount of calories. It helps in stabilizing blood glucose levels and reduces the production of the hunger-inducing hormone ghrelin in the system. Now you know the benefits of eating eggs, go ahead and start a healthy balanced diet.

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