Why is Chicken the Protein of choice ?

Be it the famous “Keto Diet”, or various other berserk chicken diets, the truth remains that chicken is indeed one of the healthier meat alternatives. Why is that so?

  • Low amount of saturated fats
  • High protein content
  • Contains essential vitamins- B6, B12, Iron, Zinc, Copper.

Research even suggests that swapping out some processed or high-fat unprocessed red meat for poultry can improve your health in the long-term. Since saturated fats are associated with an increased level of LDL cholesterol/Bad cholesterol leading to poor health, consuming meat with the lowest amount of saturated fats would help you develop a healthier body and avoid falling prey to heart problems and other illnesses. That being said, too much of anything can be harmful to the body, so it is a must to ensure that you consume only the required amount of chicken and not more than that. The benefits you can derive from chicken will otherwise be lost. If you’re an avid chicken eater, it would also be advisable to remove the chicken skin to avoid consuming too much fat content.

Red meat like, lamb, beef and pork have very high amounts of saturated fats along with sodium content which can cause clogged arteries and heart diseases, which is why chicken is most beneficial when replacing high-fat red meats in the diet.The high sodium content in red meat can cause high blood pressure while processed red meats can cause gastrointestinal cancers as well as heart diseases! When compared to other cuts of meat, chicken breast is one of the healthiest forms of protein to consume, it is the leanest cut of white meat and has the lowest amount of fat content. The drumsticks, thigh and wings are said to be higher in terms of calories. Chicken is packed with flavor and with the help of its protein content, it can work on repairing muscles and make you feel more energetic throughout the day!

Chicken also has the vitamins iron and zinc in abundance as compared to other red meats. These vitamins are essential in order to build immunity and foster healthy brain development! Keeping aside the nutritional benefits of consuming chicken as opposed to red meat, chicken is also a versatile ingredient and the most adaptable meat! It can be cooked in different forms and ways, be it baked, barbequed or grilled! Things like cholesterol, weight management, Osteoporosis or even depression can to some extent be managed by including chicken in your dietary requirements. Another fun fact about chicken is that it contains a nutrient called magnesium, which helps sooth premenstrual symptoms, while most red meat when consumed during this time period can cause cramps and a bloated stomach. While all types of meat contain at least a certain degree of nutrient factor like protein and vitamins, nothing can quite beat chicken!

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