Why is protein essential in your diet?

Protein is an essential macronutrient (nutrients required by our body in large quantities) that should be included in our daily diet to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Spread out your protein intake throughout the day to enjoy its full benefits. And make sure that almost 30% of the calories consumed by you are in the form of proteins.

Here are some functions protein helps your body perform:

  1. Helps build your body: Amino acids in protein help build muscles, bones, skin, and even hair and nails are mostly composed of proteins.
  1. Repair damaged tissues and maintain muscles and bones.
  1. Helps in making enzymes: Protein helps in building enzymes essential to break down and digest your food and makes the nutrients in your diet available to your body for use.
  1. Regulates your hormones, helps support your child’s development and aids your immune system by making white blood cells and recovering faster from injuries.
  1. Helps you maintain your weight: Proteins curb hunger and help you build lean muscles. It improves your metabolism rate, which can help you stay in shape.

The bottom line is: Protein plays a crucial role in creating and maintaining cell health and fuels your body.

Our body needs a regular intake of protein as it doesn’t get stored in the body and should be a part of your daily balanced diet plan.

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