Your #1 Immunity formula!

As per the information acquired from WHO, India has seen virus outbreaks increase from 2018, beginning with the Nipah virus and now ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. Despite all the required precautions and virus containment plans, it has become quite certain and obvious that people who have weak immunity are pretty much at the mercy of the virus. What can you do to change this at this point?

Immunity is something that takes months/years to build, therefore, if you have weak immunity as of today, it would require more than just a fortnight to improve your immunity. To be immune towards something means that your body has the necessary antibodies to fight foreign microorganisms and help you recover sooner. While it is tragic that so many elderly aged people lost their lives to Covid due to their low immunity, you still have a chance to work on building your immunity so as to be able to survive situations like these. Covid truly is the challenge of the year for the “Survival of the Fittest”. With more and more importance being given to health and fitness, it becomes important to learn and educate oneself on how to strengthen one’s immunity.

Apart from avoiding habits that can have an ill-effect on your body like smoking and alcoholism, sleep, food and exercise are the 3 most important aspects of strengthening your immunity. Studies suggest that protein helps strengthen the immunity significantly, foods like chicken and egg have protein that provide the required amount of nutrients and amino acids to your body, which in turn help build antibodies to fight all sorts of infections. Another research suggests that soup made from poultry has nutrients that are vital for your immunity and gut function.

Chicken and egg in this regard has got to be your #1 immunity formula! Nutrition has a 50% stake in ensuring that you have healthy bodily functions and a strong immunity, so while you are at home, quarantining and taking all the necessary precautions to avoid community transmission, make sure that you have a diet that has ample amounts of protein. What better than delicious chicken and egg to satiate your taste buds while also helping your body become fitter and stronger?!

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