How To Eat Eggs The Healthy Way

Healthy Way To Eat Eggs

Eggs are an important source of protein; however, it is crucial to store, handle and prepare them properly. It is important that you wash your hands before and after touching the eggs to avoid cross-contamination. Store eggs at a temperature below 20 deg Celsius.


Eggs can be cooked in various methods – Boiling, Poaching, Frying, Baking, and Scrambling. Although, frying eggs can increase fat content by 50%. Poaching is a healthy option as it contains fewer calories and less fat. Hard-boiled eggs cooked in boiling water for 60-10 minutes helps keep the yolk intact, thereby making the protein more digestible.


Poaching is the healthiest way to consume eggs as it does not require the addition of oil or fat. Ensure that the yolk is cooked properly as the vitamin called biotin in the egg is absorbed only when the yolk is fully poached.


Unlike other methods, boiling eggs keeps the yolk from being exposed to high heat. The cholesterol in eggs gets damaged when the yolks are exposed to high heat and oxygen. Boiling keeps the yolk from being exposed to air, thereby making it more nutritious as compared to other cooking methods.


The scrambled egg is another healthy way to eat eggs. Make sure you use a small amount of olive oil, coconut oil or butter and cook on low to medium flame. Do not scramble eggs on high flame as it damages the good cholesterol in the yolk. You can customize your meal by adding chicken, avocados, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, and other vegetables for a balanced diet.

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