Need for Protein amidst a Pandemic!

When WHO declares a virus outbreak as a pandemic, it’s well established that we’re in for some trouble! What comes with an outbreak of this degree is an immense amount of awareness, that was at one point probably lost owing to the fast pace of life we live.The recent Covid-19 pandemic only seems like it began a month back and it’s already been a year. So what’s changed?

To begin with, the growing need to maintain immunity. We are all aware that the immune system is the backbone of a healthy living body. As soon as a foreign body enters your system, your WBC’s fight hard to protect you. If you have a weak immune system, it means that your body won’t be able to internally fight the virus, deteriorating your health and leading to fragile immunity, which is exactly why people with already existing illnesses and older people are at risk of falling prey to Covid.

This pandemic has not only opened our eyes and ears to the importance of hygiene, but has also made us aware in terms of how essential and vital it is to keep building our immunity as age passes.One of the ways to do so is by having a healthy diet, and making sure that some form of protein is being consumed one way or another. The poultry consumption percentage while it may have fallen in the first phase of the pandemic, has slowly picked up and now increased to a great extent. Why? Because chicken and eggs are one of the healthiest and best sources of protein along with being packed with vital nutrients for your body! Health and nutrition has become the pillar of most conversations among people worldwide nowadays because the pandemic has deliberated the need to be fit and healthy in order to survive such a situation. As the saying goes, “Survival of the Fittest”.

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