What Is the Healthiest Way to Cook and Eat Eggs

Read this is you are still trying to find the healthiest way to cook eggs. /
Boiled eggs: One of the most beneficial way to cook eggs

Can you have enough of that beautiful golden liquid inside that pocket-sized nutritional wonder we call egg? I think not!

Probably you are a big fan of eggs as it can be cooked in whichever way you like. You add them in the batter to make amazing cookies and cakes for a sweet tooth; health enthusiasts eat boiled eggs accompanied by veggies and salad; for bodybuilders, it’s the perfect protein source.

Consuming eggs without adding lots of extra calories will help you enjoy fantastic nutritional benefits. Boiling eggs might be the best way to consume eggs regularly as you can cook the yolk without exposing it to high heat.

Why is high heat a problem?

Heat breaks many protein bonds that decrease the protein content of eggs, and it can oxidize cholesterol, which is not what we are aiming for when we add eggs to our diet. Right. We need the best nutrients, protein, vitamins, minerals present in the eggs.

Choosing the way you cook eggs is probably the most critical decision. So, choose wisely. Plus, you can always switch the cooking methods to add variety.

The good news is, you can still enjoy fried eggs if you cook them in heat-stable oils. Refrain from cooking eggs at high temperatures for longer times to preserve the nutritional value.

Why cook the eggs?

Well, cooking helps remove dangerous bacteria, make eggs safe to eat, and make the protein more bioavailable ( easy for the body to digest). Do you know that you can only use half of the protein available in raw egg and almost 90% present in the cooked egg? Well, now, you know.

Umm… How to boil eggs? Glad you asked. Just put the eggs in water and cook it for 6-12 minutes, depending on the yolk consistency you like. Cook more to make the yolk firmer. Bonus: You can easily snack on it whenever you want; peel the shell, and eat it.

It seems tedious, well. You can also poach, scramble, bake, fry, and make omelets. Noone decides how you want to consume your eggs; make sure you mix and match and find ways to consume it without adding too much follozaas ( extra calories ).

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